Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Day Twenty-Three.

Reason #025 to come to Washington: Swimming in the winter. In the summer people usually go swimming in Lake Sammamish or Lake Washington but in the winter we get our very own swimming pools right in our backyard. Sometimes even the front yard or the street. In some cases people get them right inside their house! It's great. Gotta love rain storms and floods.

Reason #025 to come to Indiana: Babaganoosh dip. It's Neosporin for the minorly cut, scraped, and burned heart. Other uses include: nutritional supplement for use when writing a talk on prayer, family get together hors d'oeuvres, and other activities that require light munching to stay awake. Not for use by vegetarians and people who do not produce the enzyme lactase.


  1. Tori: photo of flood = sweet. Don't tell Amy, but you are winning.

    Amy: Babaganoosh sounds like something Daniela would eat. I am not coming.

  2. harper, you said amy was winning in another entry. we can't both be winning.