Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Day Forty-Four.

Reason #047 to come to Washington: Wii Fit! I tried it out today and did some yoga which was cool. I felt all balanced and stuff. I also pretended to hula hoop. At the end I had 5 pretend hula hoops going at a time! But then I had to run in place and try to not pass the little guy on the screen. That was kinda dumb

Reason #046 to come to Indiana: Being so busy that you don't have time to take a legit picture. Let alone get on the Internets to upload it. I really wish I could get home before 11 pm some time this week.


  1. Yeah, jogging on Wii fit is kinda weak. The rest is pretty cool though.

  2. it was that darn mark twain talking so much that we were so hungry after seeing him that bdubs was the only option, and you probably could have gotten home before 11 had that d-bag host guy actually seated us!

  3. i hate wii fit.
    all it does is tell you you are unbalanced and fat and old.
    i love the hula hoop one though, and the river with the bubble.

    i got the necklace amy doll.
    i have the boy now, and he has a fabulous headdress. :)