Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Day Thirty-Six.

Reason #039 to come to Washington: Lots of houses. I am staying the week at the house I nanny at because the dad is on a business trip. They live in Snoqualmie Ridge. It's a great neighborhood if you like the sense of community, fancy cars, 3 inches between you and your neighbor about about 1,000 other houses that look just like yours in your neighborhood.
Reason #038 to come to Indiana: Tim Tam Slams. The great country/continent of Australia is responsible for this decadent dessert. My Uncle Jake brought it back to us when he returned from his mission to Adelaide Australia circa 2003. A Tim Tam: the most irresistible chocolate biscuit acts as a straw to sip up Milo, the warm chocolate drink. You could have a contest to see how many slams you can do in a row, but that usually leads to someone barfing. 


  1. We should have these, WHEN I'M THERE VISITING!

  2. Amy. We do the same thing in Denver but call it a chocolate bong. YUMMMMMMMM