Sunday, January 11, 2009

Day Twenty-Seven.

Reason #029 to come to Washington: My dad! Here he is working in his office. My dad's pretty much the same person as me except older and a man... and smarter. He's an amazing graphic designer, listens to really good music, knows pretty much anything and everything about everything and anything. He has very good taste. He loves graphic design, fly fishing, comic books, old school punk rock, jazz, pottery, vw's, bowling, going to concerts, vintage things, and pizza.

Reason #029 to come to Indiana: Portraits with kitty catty patty waddies. I have three to choose from, so you can pick the one that best compliments your skin tone. Pictured here is Tator Tot. As you can see, his eyes match mine. Price: $PossibleScratches.99 including tax. (Neither Amy nor the great Hoosier state of Indiana is responsible for any physical, mental, emotional, ecological, or other damage that comes as a result of being photographed with said cats...Especially Bouncer.)


  1. I want to meet your dad.
    And go fly fishing.
    I've never done any fishing of any sort except for the kind at carnivals where you throw your pole over a board and then they clip something to it using the clothes pin thats at the end.
    I always get something that way.

  2. well, idaho is pretty famous for its fishing! maybe ill get my dad to lend me a fly rod or two and ill teach you how to fly fish?