Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Day Forty-Two.

Reason #045 to come to Washington: Large empty rooms. My parents are downsizing in order to move. This room used to hold a nice couch and our tv and all that jazz. We no longer have a couch (no worries, we've got plenty of chairs!) and our tv is upstairs. If you come visit, we'll throw a couple of comfy mattress pads on the floor and you can have this room all to yourself!
Reason #044 to come to Indiana: Making packages for friends who are at college. Especially friends named Ashley Finucan who are amazing. A mix and a card are definitely deserved when your almost 19 year old dog has to be put to sleep and you didn't get to say goodbye, the guy you're dating decides he can't do "long distance" relationships, and your freshman year as a nursing student at Ball State is kicking your trash. Love you, Ashez.

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