Monday, January 19, 2009

Day Thirty-Five.

Reason #038 to come to Washington: Wind storms. This is a 3.2 second glimpse of what windstorms do to the bushes outside your kitchen window in Snoqualmie, Washington. I enjoy windstorms. Unless rain is included that is. And I don't recommend flying a kite in one. Or wearing a hat. But I do recommend wearing a big coat and opening it against the wind.

Reason #037 to come to Indiana: Semi-spur-of-the-moment road trips. So we didn't go see Bishop Allen in Ohio because we had work in the morning. To fill our live music hunger, we drove all the way to Anderson (1.5 hours one way), and sadly missed Rodeo Ruby Love by one set. We saw a very...faithful Christian band and a not so good band that was a mix between Aqualung and Ben Folds. Thus our hunger was not satisfied. Anderson streets are mostly one ways and we got a little lost, but we did make it to White Castle. Just livin the American dream.


  1. that's how we do it in Indiana.
    "did we seriously miss Rodeo Ruby Love???"
    "ahhhhh! what do we do?!"
    "Anderson has White Castle!"
    problem solved.

  2. Haha for reeeal.
    "Have you guys been here?"
    "No...Well, yeah. This was our first time."
    "No have you like been here tonight? I just turned in a pink phone up there."

    I don't know why the coloring on the photo of you turned out so weird when I posted it on here, Katie.