Saturday, January 17, 2009

Day Thirty-Three.

Reason #036 to come to Washington: Bumbershoot. Just one of Seattle's  many annual music and art festivals. My personal favorite though. It occurs every Labor Day weekend. Saturday, Sunday and Monday. And has a plethora of fantastic bands, street performers, an "indie market" with all sorts of hand crafted goodies and an entire building full of printmakers. All yours for a pretty dang good price! Oh, and I just recently put up this Bumbershoot '08 poster I won in a Bumbershoot haiku contest. It's beautiful.

Reason #035 to come to Indiana: Buffalo Wild Wings. You have not had wings until you've had B-Dubs. Parmesan garlic is my favorite sauce, but there are 15 to choose from, ranging from mild to hot, and I've probably only had five. I was extremely upset when I went to Winger's and they only had like three sauces. Also, they now have $2.99 unlimited refills flavored lemonade. The flavor pictured here is huckleberry.

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  1. Tori, your event sounds incredible, but . . . whenever it comes down to food and anything else, food wins. The image of those wings is making me salivate