Friday, January 9, 2009

Day Twenty-Five.

Reason #027 to come to Washington: Laundry folding. Contrary to popular belief Seattle is not all fun and games and rain and trees and apples. We do real work here. We lead real lives. We are real people. We too have to fold our own laundry. Really.
Reason #027 to come to Indiana: Real wildlife. Right out my kitchen window. We don't even have a television because these birds are so entertaining. Okay, that was a lie. We have like five TVs. But it's not something I'm proud of.


  1. oh whatever tori! People in Washington ALWAYS have fun. They are
    A) All in a band that is awesome
    B) Know Kurt Cobain or his family personally.
    C) Secretly still have a love for grunge
    D) Eat apples with every meal
    E) Where North Face apparel when they are in the mountains
    F) NEVER, EVER fold laundry.

    AMY: Don't tell Tori, but you're winning.

  2. :(

    just because amy is more charismatic, creative and has more friends than me doesn't mean indiana's better than washington.