Saturday, February 21, 2009

There'll Be Some Changes Made

So Amy and I actually have lives. (I know, surprise! Right?) A photo every day is a lot of work! So we've decided to change this to a weekly reason to come photo posted every Sunday. 

We love you and we'll see you in April!


P.S. 10 points to whoever can figure out what song the title of this post is from. (Hint: it has nothing to do with any indie rock. Possibly jazz though.)


  1. I think Karl Malone said it after hs last season with the Utah Jazz. And boy were there changes

  2. This lyric was originally delivered by DJ Jazzy Jeff. Not many people know this song, since his solo career tanked once the Fresh Prince left for greener pastures. His movies were even worse, as "Men in White," "U-Robot," "Pioneer Day," and "We Was Legends" all failed to make much noise in the box office.