Monday, December 29, 2008

Day Fourteen.

Reason #016 to come to Washington: I-90. It starts right in Seattle. It is a great freeway. From Seattle to my house (about a 35 minute drive) there is one floating bridge, two tunnels, two lakes, thousands of trees (we're not called the Evergreen State for nothing) and hills and once you get in my hometown BAM! the cascade mountains! It's really my favorite drive and probably the reason I love driving so much.

Reason #016 to come to Indiana: Peanut butter chocolate chip brownies.

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  1. Amy, you take pictures of your food more than anyone I know. Don't get me wrong, I like it. So much in fact I will let you take a picture of every cookie you make me when you come back. And thats a promise.
    Tori, on the island we have a floating bridge(we used to have two until last april when she was sunk by enemy sub)We have a whole network of tunnels(used during prohibition) several duck ponds and 10,874 trees, each with a name and it their own personality.